Martin and Minou

Martin and Minou

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Do you want to really feel the groove, or are you looking for new ways to spice up your lindy hop? No matter what, you will love this workshop. Minou and Martin have been teaching musicality for years and have developed a really creative way of teaching it. So we are so happy to announce that they will be joining us here in Aarhus this April. Don't miss this opportunity to be taught by some of the best and join us for a groovy weekend. 

The workshop is for all levels. 

Note: When you sign up you get on a waiting list. When we are sure that you have a spot, you get an email about payment within 48 hours. 

Saturday 13/4: 11-15
Sunday 14/4: 10-14 

Musicality & Jazz

We will look into the structure of Jazz, how to dance so it fits with the music, the breaks, etc and we will also teach you a couple of new moves that can be used to end a phrase.

Musicality & Creativity

In this part, we will look at how to interpret the music in your body and dance and how you can be inspired by the rythms, instruments, etc. 

Spice up what you already know

And to finish, we will look at how to play with what you already know, and in simple ways make it more interesting by playing around with counts, rhytms, nuances and surprises.

Fee and sign up

  • Single lead/follower:    450DKK

  • Couple ticket: 900DKK

If you are signing up as a couple then write your partner's name during sign up. If you are signing up solo, we can't garantee you a spot: first come, first served.

About the teachers
Martin and Minou have been dancing together since meeting at Herräng Dance Camp in 2012. They’ve danced their way through events and workshops in Europe and the US with their trademark playful style and visible, genuine love of lindy hop.

Minou Ericson is from Eskilstuna outside Stockholm and simply loves to dance. While taking street dance classes she was introduced to Lindy Hop and it was love at first sight. She loves social dancing, choreographing and performing in both lindy hop and authentic jazz, using isolations and other street dance elements as part of her unique style.

Ever since discovering Lindy Hop at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Martin’s been pushing his dance by competing, teaching, performing and his favorite, social dancing. His musical intuition comes from an odd mix of his dad’s love of big band jazz, playing the drums as a teenager and briefly DJ’ing house in London.