You can only sign up for the upcoming semester. A semester lasts 4-5 months starting around January/February and August/September. The dates for the coming semester will be posted in our calendar.

why do i have to sign up?

We try to balance the number of leaders and followers in classes and workshops, which is why you have to sign up.

You don't need to sign up with a partner to start dancing lindy hop.
In class we rotate partners and you will dance with all the other people on your level.

If you are signing up with a partner, please remember to fill in all the necessary information in the registration form.
We try to respond as fast as possible but please be patient.

Signing up with a partner?

Both have to sign up and fill out the other partner's name in the registration.

how it works (it is a bit complicated, but please bear with us ;-)

  • When you sign up, you receive the first mail, with a link for confirming your mail adress, and completing the registration. After you click the link, a message will be displayed, telling you that you are currently on the waiting list. Now we have your name and will start filling up the levels. Obviously, the same amount of leads/followers is needed to ensure a smooth and balanced class. Since a lot of people are signing up on their own, without a partner, a (complicated) process of matching and balancing pairs has to take place.

  • During this process of balancing the pairs, if a place has been reserved for you, you will receive a second email with instructions how to pay and the deadline for payment. This mail is usually sent on Saturday morning. If you havent received this mail, it means you are still on the waiting list. Do not panic ;-), it can sometimes take some weeks.

  • Please remember: Only after we have received your payment you are accepted to the class/workshop.

  • The third and final ‘welcome mail’ with the practical info regarding the place and time of your classes/workshop you will receive a few days before the beginning of the class/workshop .

  • Late payment? If you havent paid before the deadline mentioned in the second mail, we will cancel your registration and give the chance to someone else on the waiting list.

  • After registration period is over, a ‘sorry mail’ will be sent to those who registered but didnt get a place on the classes/workshop. This happens if the class/workshop is full, or if a partner (lead or follower) could not be found for them.

We put a lot of effort into balancing the levels with the same number of leaders and followers. On behalf of the other dancers we expect you to join the classes every time. If you don't show up the balance will be challenged and you will be behind for the following class.

Which level should I take?

You can only sign up for the level if you have the  required experience. Please read our level descriptions. Please contact us if you are not sure which level to register for!

Dates Autumn 2019:

Beginners' Workshop:

  • Saturday, 14th September + Sunday, 15th September. Both days from 10.00 – 15.00

Basic level:

  • Tuesday, 17th September – december, 2019.

Intermediate level:

  • September – December, 2019 (dates will be updated soon)

Fees and payment:

Beginners Workshop

  • 300 DKK

Basic level

  • 650 DKK per semester

  • 450 DKK for students (please bring student card)

Intermediate level

  • 650 DKK per semester

  • 450 DKK for students (please bring student card)

Membership fee

  • 20 DKK. (Included in the prices above.)


You can only pay with credit card.

  • Unfortunately, refunds of payment after the classes have started is not possible. The latest time for refund is 24 hrs before the event starts so we have a chance to pass your spot on to another dancer.

  • Transferring your payment/registration to another person, or to another semester is not possible.